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Industrial and Intellectual Property consulting with an integrated, business-focused approach.


Exceptional technical and legal expertise

Trevisan & Cuonzo IPS, an Industrial and Intellectual Property consulting firm of the Trevisan & Cuonzo Law Firm, has joined forces with the Industrial Property firm Bianchetti & Minoja, a historic consulting firm specializing in patenting with outstanding expertise in the chemical, pharmaceutical, life science and biotech sectors, to create the consortium company TCBM.
Integrated teams deal with each individual case, generating synergies between the two companies and the Trevisan & Cuonzo law firm, and enabling TCBM to provide comprehensive and customised assistance thanks to the high-level technical and legal skills of the professionals involved. TCBM also relies on a global network of consummate and carefully selected over the years Intellectual Property consultants, who ensure top-notch assistance in each country.

Our practice

TCBM offers Italian and international clients specialist advice across all fields of industrial and intellectual property, with a concrete and business focused approach aimed at empowering the IP portfolios – trademarks, patents, designs – of companies.


TCBM’s patent attorneys work alongside companies to protect their technological innovation insofar as it represents a powerful driver of competitiveness and a crucial part of the company’s assets. Starting with the drafting and filing of patent applications, TCBM’s patent attorneys work closely with the client to define the most effective strategy for securing the broadest scope of protection possible.


TCBM’s trademark attorneys and consultants operate in Italy and Europe, as well as internationally, through a network of consummate and carefully selected intellectual property advisory firms, to design and ensure the most effective strategies for brand protection and maintenance. Every day TCBM provides expert advice on highly complex issues, such as trademark opposition, invalidation actions and revocation.

Domain names and online brand protection

TCBM’s team supports clients in empowering their portfolios with respect to domain names as well. TCBM provides advice and deals with the registration and reassignment procedures of domain names. We also offer on-line brand protection services for identifying domain names that are identical or similar to our clients’ trademarks.


Copyright arises automatically with the creation of a creative work or intellectual property, from literature and figurative arts to architectural designs and software. The requirements for authorship and dating of the work can be satisfied by filing with the Italian Association of Authors and Publishers (SIAE). TCBM assists clients in protecting their creative works by arranging filings with the SIAE.


Industrial design is is embedded in almost everything around us, from smartphones to computer mouse, from furnishings to lighting fixtures. TCBM provides comprehensive assistance in the registration and management of designs, with national and international Intellectual Property organizations.

Trademark, Patent and Design Litigation

We deal with the most complex trademark, patent and design litigations in fields such as food and pharmaceuticals, mechanical engineering, automotive, electronics and telecommunications (SEPs), biotechnology, chemicals and consumer goods, and more.

Our sectors

TCBM provides expert and highly professional advice and assistance across all commercial and industrial sectors to enable clients to achieve their business objectives and together surmount any critical issue.

Mechanics and Automotive

TCBM assists SMEs and multinationals deal with patent, trademark, industrial design, product liability, antitrust and complex commercial litigation in all mechanical and automation sectors.

Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology

TCBM assists many of the most important pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in Italy and abroad in all aspects related to industrial property, and has become the Italy’s go-to firm in the life sciences sector.


TCBM offers advice related to all aspects of industrial property concerning chemistry – from pure basic research to a wide range of industrial applications – to many of the most important companies in the sector operating in Italy and abroad.

Consumer Goods

Our specialisations include offering strategic advice and in- and out-of-court litigation in commercial, advertising, product liability and intellectual property matters.

Electronics and Telecommunications

TCBM represents some of the leading players in the telecommunications and electronics sectors, assisting them in cases of international importance.

The team

TCBM’s team consists of professionals with established and proven experience in key industry sectors along with a group of highly experienced paralegals.


Via dell’Annunciata 21,
20121 Milan, Italy
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Via dell’Annunciata 21,
20121 Milan, Italy
Request an appointment, contact us through the form or call +39 02 86463313
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